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We Provide a Seamless Experience for Your Visitors

Websites are used by everybody every day; they have become the very centre of commerce and business and people have come to expect a seamless experience. This experience generally starts with a Google search about a product or service, which then leads through to one or several websites out of millions of results. Eventually a provider of this product or service is chosen and then a purchase (or some other form of action) is made.

Our job is to work with businesses like yours to help them appear in plain sight (in Google searches, for instance) and also provide a website that keeps the user experience simple, so that people can find what they want without any obstacles.

Obstacles found in poorly-built websites usually tend to be: the reliability of the website (are there errors while browsing around?), navigation (how easy is it to click on menu links and browse around?), colours (are there too many or inappropriate colours used?), mobile-friendly (can people use the website easily on any device?), the domain name (is it easy to remember the web address?), and the list goes on.

The fewer the obstacles a user has to face to find what they are looking for, the more likely a business is to make a sale or receive an enquiry.

Website Design

Making a website look aesthetically pleasing is only half the story. We focus on all aspects that makes a website easy to use for your customers. For instance, websites need to allow visitors to browse around without difficulty. We see a lot of websites that make it hard to click on pages in a drop down menu or to tap menu links on a mobile, due to the lack of a mobile-friendly website. Visitors will leave if they cannot simply move from one section of a website to another with ease and you will lose sales.

Other aspects we focus on include call to actions (instructing visitors to do something, as opposed to them having to think about what to do next), the layout of content (to get across what you do within the first few seconds of a visitor landing on your website, which a lot of other businesses fail to do), and more. Overall, we just make everything simple for your visitors.

If you think you make great products or provide a great service, your website should reflect this too.

Websites start from £349. To discuss your requirements, please call us on 01522 300165 or complete our enquiry form and we will look at what your business is doing on the web (if anything) and provide a quotation outlining how we can help improve your online presence.

Domain Name and Email

Having a domain name is the first thing you need for customers to find you on the web. A domain name should be memorable and ideally have a or .com extension. Other domain extensions (such as .net or .biz) are less familiar to the general public than or .com.

Cloud Website Design can help you find the right domain name and register it for you, and if you already have a domain name, we would be more than happy to manage it for you.

After you have a domain name, your email is also essential to consider. We constantly receive emails from businesses that have or and it looks unprofessional, in comparison to With an email address like that, you can look professional when you send emails, and it will help your customers to remember the name of your business.

We provide professional email addresses with a huge 25GB storage capacity that can be set up on all of your devices, whilst being completely synchronised - what you see on one device, is what you see on your other devices.

Contact us to get set up with your professional domain and / or email address today.


It does not matter how much marketing you do, if your website is not good enough you will be wasting money, and so before we even discuss marketing we always look at your website first. Once your website is at a good standard, we then look at how to drive traffic to your website using digital marketing (online media - Google, social media, etc.).

In terms of marketing, we always start with Google as all of your potential customers do too.

We have all received an email from somebody promising they can get any business listed on page one of Google and many have jumped at the opportunity, but it takes a lot of work to reach page one and so these kind of offers are extremely ambiguous. In basic terms there are two sides of Google - ads where businesses pay-per-click to appear in searches, and non-paid organic results (websites that are relevant to searches).

When we set up a brand new website for a business with no ‘track record’ on the web, we always suggest advertising on Google using Google AdWords, where businesses pay every time a person clicks their ad. We research what potential customers search for, and give estimates to how much each click might cost and what kind of daily budget we recommend. If clients choose to go ahead with Google AdWords, we get them set up by creating ads and then insert keywords to trigger those ads to appear on Google. This can be a great way to appear in plain sight of your potential customers and start receiving a good amount of targeted visitors to your website.

Organic results (non-paid listings) in Google can take a long time to rise in the searches, but these are highly relevant to what people are searching for, and if your website is listed organically in searches you do not pay anything to be there - it is free advertising. That might sound great, but there are a range of factors that influence your ranking in Google, such as your domain age, if your website is mobile-friendly, if your content is clearly-written and relevant to the search (without ‘stuffing’ many keywords in to one sentence), if your website has other relevant websites linking to it, if your website is updated regularly, if your business social media pages are popular, if your images use ALT tags (image descriptions if the image is corrupted and a description of the image is displayed, or if a person browsing your website relies on text-to-audio software), etc.

Aside from Google, we also explore other avenues of creating awareness of your business, such as advertising to huge numbers of people on social media - either you can pay to run ads or you can build up a following over time. We also advise businesses on what they should and should not be posting on social media from the very beginning.

The simple fact is “if you build it, they will come” no longer applies; the web is too saturated for that to be true, which is why you need an effective marketing strategy to build awareness of your business.

Cloud-Hosted CMS

The content management system that you will be using to edit your website allows you to add as many pages, products, contact forms, images and more to your website. The platform is fully cloud-hosted, which simply means you can say goodbye to an out of date website, and say hello to all the latest tools and enhancements for your website as they become available, without you having to do a thing.

Most web design companies will get set you up on an open-source website editor, such as Magento or WordPress. The problem with open-source systems is that they are known for security vulnerabilities, and when a vulnerability is detected, web design companies have to manually update their clients’ websites one by one, which can take a lot of time and can break your website.

Your website will be running on a cloud-hosted system that is updated automatically, so if a vulnerability was detected (which we have never experienced to date), the security patch would be applied as soon as it became available - again, without you or us having to do anything.

Your website will also be taking advantage of some of the best hosting facilities in the world, offering the best uptime possible and we are really proud to offer this to our clients.


Our cloud-hosted content management system has built-in e-commerce features at no extra cost. Sell as many physical or digital products as you like, and take payments securely using Stripe, PayPal or Set tax and shipping options, and even add your own coupons to give customers a discount.

If you are looking to sell products online, call us on 01522 300165 to get started today.


Help is available whenever you need us. Either call or email us and let us know what the problem is - we are always happy to help.

From the moment we open your website, we will call you at a convenient time and take you through the website editor so you know exactly how to make changes to your website, instead of being left in the dark.

Why you Should Contact Us

Cloud Website Design have spent over eight years building reliable websites, creating and implementing marketing strategies, providing friendly support and so much more. Our knowledge and experience ensures a better product and service that you will love.

We focus on helping small businesses improve their online presence and we love doing it. If you contact us, we will look at what you are doing on the web (if anything) and put together a quotation outlining exactly how we can help you achieve your business' full potential online.

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